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Quotes Jake is our first dog and we were a bit concerned buying a puppy we'd never seen (apart from photos) from somewhere so far away - as well as leaving choice of litter up to Chris. We told her our requirements and four months on Jake has exceeded our expectations - he's brilliant. Lots of character, easy to train, great fun, doesn't shed any hair and just fits in with whatever is going on be it out in the boat, hours in the car, watching the telly or a two hour walk. Couldn't ask for a better dog.Thanks again Chris and happy for you to pass on my email to anyone who is thinking about one and wants a (relatively!!) unbiased opinion. Quotes
Atherton Family

Quotes We searched for a long time to find a puppy that would fit in with our family. When we came across the Lotuspoint Website we fell in love with the pups in the pictures & once we had read the comments from new jackadoodle owners, we decided to contact Chris & enquire about wether she had any ready. Well we are now the proud owners of a little black 8wk old dog "Jasper". He has been with us for 3 days now & what a joy it has been. Jasper is such a bundle of fun who will play with his toys & believe it or not actually fetches his toys back to us to throw when asked. Jasper sleeps in his crate all night & goes straight out in the garden in the morning for the toilet, he has only had one small accident in the house once but it was after an energetic 10 minute play & he,d tried to tell us before going to the mat by the door he normally goes out of! Jasper is very loving, especially after playtime when he becomes so tired that he just wants up for a cuddle & sleep! THANK YOU CHRIS X Quotes
Liane & Family (especially Daughter, Heidi xx
Very Happy Jackadoodle Owners!!!

Quotes Oscar has been enriching our lives and our floor for 2 weeks now and we couldn't be happier or even remember what life was like without a dog swinging off our trouser legs! We've also never been so popular with friends and family popping in to see him and have a cuddle, he is good natured and totally at ease with children all wanting his attention at once. Don't be surprised if you see me again in the not too distant future for a playmate for him! Many Thanks Quotes
Oscar, Colonel Woofington III

Quotes Chris has made our family one big happy family,a total pleasure to meet such wonderful people. Dedicated to all their wonderful animals,that are such a credit to them.We will be definately back for puppy number 2.So glad we travelled 324 miles to meet you and get our lovely Minnie.See you soon. Quotes
Paul King and a big happy family
Happy chappie

Quotes We got Ollie in October and he is the most adorable, lovalble and mischievious little puppy. He is great fun, and loves to play but also likes nothing better than to have a cuddle. He has been on his first fell walk at the weekend, and although very tired when he came home loved it all. We lost our westie in August and Ollie is a really special little addittion to the family! Avril & Paul Quotes
Avril & Paul

Quotes We got Enzo on the 5th December 2008. He is our first dog and we were a bit nervous about bringing a dog in to our family. We didn't need to worry as Enzo has been a little star from the very beginning. We love having Enzo around so much that we decided to get another jackadoodle so in October this year we collected our little Marley. He is 3 months old now and has fitted in to our family perfectly. Enzo loves him and they will play together for hours. We are very proud jackadoodle owners. Thanks Chris for bringing these two lovely dogs in to our lives. Lucie, Steve, Dylan and Ellie x Quotes
Lucie Phelps
Enzo and Marley

Quotes Motty has been the most delightful puppy, bright, friendly and hugely lovable. Exceptionally easy to house train. Everyone who meets him wants to kidnap him and take him home need we say more. In looks and actions the Artful Dodger just springs to mind Quotes
jim and nessa
First time jackadoodle owners

Quotes A little over 2 years ago,Dougal, a puppy from Dolly's 1st litter, came into our lives,nothing is the same ever again.Last May Dougal and his Wife produced 8 puppies,and almost as adorable as Dougal. Quotes
Jack & Fiona

Quotes We got Rex at the end of May and loved him so much that we now have Rocky who is coming up three months old. They are terrier in looks but are more poodle like in nature. They are brilliant with my 1 year old niece and living on a farm have been brilliant with every animal they have met!! Both Rex and Rocky have been very easy to train picking things up very fast. How many 10 week old pups will sit and wait for their dinner after two days training?! Thank you Chris for these two wonderful dogs, if I had more space I would definitely have more! Quotes
Lou & Pete
Very satisfied customer

Quotes Really chuffed with our pups. They are beautiful. Will have to bring them to see you soon. Thanx Chris. Quotes