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Quotes with long thought and talks with my daughter and granddaughter i picked up the phone to ask about a shihpoo puppy, Im so glad i did! chris was patient and answered all my questions about the breed i reserved our puppy there and then, we didnt go to see her as she hadnt been long born, we keept in regular contant with chris who i have to say was great keeping us informed of her progress and sent pictures at different stages, as the weeks went by we just knew we didnt need to go and see if we had a good puppy it had been confirmed by the way chris keept us up to date, then came the day chris said puppy ready to come to you i cant tell you how excited we all were and even more impressed when chris said she would like to delivery her to our home, the car pulled up and hannah ran shouting shes here we could see our little puppy tucked in a blanket all over whelmed i anwered the door to chocked to speak, chris handed me our puppy we had named her "phoebe" and she was perfect, Quotes
sandra and hannah
*our little phoebe*

Quotes Our children had been asking for a puppy for ages and eventually we found this site. "Kai" was the perfect surprise puppy and has fit well into the family. He is a bundle of energy all day and loves nothing more than to cuddle up at night. Had him for 9 weeks now and life wouldnt be same without him. He was so easy to toilet train, sleeps all through the night (and has done from the beginning) he can sit on demand and fetch toys already. He even sits at sight of a camera-poser that he is. Would not hesitate to recommend Chris as a dog breeder. Thank you again for our very own little terror! Quotes
William Weir
happy family

Quotes Arthur is now nearly 6 months old and I cannot begin to tell you what a joy he is. He is a great dog with a lovely nature , funny and always happy to play. He looks so cute people always ask what he is and where he came from. He has recently finished his first puppy training course and sailed through with flying colours. I feel that fate led me to your website when we were coming up to the lakes on holiday and I just want to thank you for producing such a wonderful dog he has definately enriched our lives. Quotes
Joyce & Basil
Perfect Puppy

Quotes We got Harvey in December, hes settled in well and gets on brilliant with our older dog. Hes a happy, healthy and intelligent lovely little boy! Quotes

Quotes We've had Pip for 3 weeks now and she has been an absolute joy. Toilet training has been a breeze, so different from our labrador Ollie, who just didn't quite "get it" for months. Ollie and Pip have really taken to each other and she spends many a happy hour chewing on his ears. She loves playing and runs around like a little whirlwind for about 20 minutes and then flops onto the nearest lap for a nap. We had never heard of Jackadoodles before but so glad we found Chris's website. Quotes
Matt, Gill and Abigail Ray

Quotes thankyou so much chris and john ,alfie is an absolute treasure we have never been so popular every body adores him,i should have mentioned alfie is a shipoo,and he is a joy,he is everything you would want from a little dog,had him chipped today ,sulking at the moment but he,ll be fine. Quotes
mike and yvonne
alfies owners

Quotes My wife has had dogs previously, but I hadn't, so the decision to have a puppy was a big one. Decision taken, we looked for a breed that would tick all the boxes for us - not too big, non-shedding, not too yappy, but with plenty of character. Having done our homework we settled on a jack-a-doodle and came across Chris' website. We went across and saw the puppies and chose Flossie, who has now been with us for about 6-7 weeks. The whole family is delighted with her. Flossie is such a sociable friendly little pup who is only too pleased to be around humans and other dogs alike. It was clear on meeting Chris that she really loves and cares for her animals and I think that shows in the pups she breeds. Flossie is everything we hoped for and more. I would certainly recommend both this breed and Christine to anyone who is looking for a small family dog. Quotes
Chris and Karen
Delighted new jack-a-doodle owners

Quotes we got murphy in december. he is absolutely gorgeous. couldn't have asked for a better pup. he gets on great with our miniature schnauzer bailey. hadn't heard of jackadoodles til last year, really glad we got one. Quotes
annette mcclune

Quotes Christine cares about her dogs and only allows her dogs to go to responsible owners. We have had our Jackadoodle for three weeks. He is lovely. We are hoping to get our next puppy from Christine at the end of this year. On taking our puppy to the vets for his first vacination,the vet said that the breeder knew what she was doing and was very impressed as the puppy was in tip top condition.Thankyou Christine xx Quotes
Highly delighted Jackadoodle owner

Quotes It took much thought and self doubt before I finally gave Lily a home. She is perfect. A Whirlwind most of the time but gives wonderful cuddles. I wish I could spend 24 hours a day with her. Having always had Rescue Dogs I thought a puppy would be hard work but she is quite the opposite. A happy,energetic well adjusted little dog with a wonderful temperament and lots of spirit. I love her as I know her breeders did. Quotes
Kate English